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Construction Management

     In any construction company execution of work and estimation to complete the job is the toughest one. This Management software provides you to estimate the time limit for any construction activity like getting the approval planning and start execution. Once the time line is fixed project will be divided into various departments and allocation has to be done with time frame. .

Each department will allocate work to individuals are team members by the management Every accomplished work details will be seen and completed work will be listed.If any unaccomplished work is there the project will get postponed. The management can take action in re allocating the task in such a way the project will be completed in time.This is a online project management and any alterations in the project schedule can be done only by management.Fully Secured software and no one can tamper it.

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Real Estate Document


     This software has been developed for all Real estate companies to ease in preparing the sale deed agreement and sale deed.

You have to give the full details of the individual Plot or Flat details with vendor details with area /location owned by with full details of survey numbers. Also you have to prepare the draft for the agreement.

Once the sale is being executed you choose the customer name and plot or flat details automatically you will get he draft with filled in details this can be viewed and printed in appropriate denomination of the bond sheets

This software enable the companies quickly formulate the documents and security has been provide to lock once the print out of the document has been taken no duplicate printing is allowed

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This software manages the receivables from the customers Once the cost of the plot or flat while booking schedule of payment is established The pending receivables and automatic reminder to the customers for the payment.Also you can cancel the bookings and re allot to new customer Else same customer cancels the present one and change to another plot/flat package will re schedule the payment schedule automatically. Any other alterations required by customer at extra cost the schedule will re calculate the payable automatically Once the full payment is over. This can be linked to the plot/flat Documentation software to take the agreement print out.

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1D & 2D Barcode Software