Bill of Material

      * Define bill of material for each product with emphasis on the process stages involved in the manufacture.
     * TDefine units and conversion rules

Quality Control

       * Print Certificate of Analysis for RM,PM, Finished goods etc.,
      * Track rejections by vendors


Inventory Control (stores)

* Multiple stocking locations
* Enter all the stores transactions online
* Generate stock ledgers
* Batchwise product costing
* Material status (work-in-progress , sub-contract)
* Value stock in FIFOObtain aging analysis on inventories
* Derive consumption reports
* Cost of Inventory
* Returns and defective goods
* Monitoring of material moved into and out of stockroom locations and the reconciling of the inventory balance



* Synchronize Purchase Indents generated at the factory directly into this module to commence purchases
* Generate Miscellaneous Indents automatically
* Record comparative Quotes for purchases made and track purchase order approvals
* Generate and Print orders upon approval
* Obtain Pending Purchase orders register
* Access the pending indents and synchronize with factory
* View receipt of material from factory either offline or direct online through the synchronous interface
* View rejections and vendor performance
* Generate vendor evaluation statement
* Review purchase patterns in terms of price, vendor and material
* Evaluate vendors based on quality, pricing and delivery