Pharmacare Mobile Application


     M-tech software solutions's MConn is designed for mobile order management to manage your valuable sales order cycle in a fast and reliable way.  In pharmaceutical business,the key persons are your representatives.By using a mobile with our MCon software and GPRS facilities , he can key in the field activity details to deliver ordered products to the customers at right time.

     MCon will do the job of managers and give you the reviews based on the field activity.  Conformation of orders and dispatch details will be sent through SMS automatically.By this customer's satisfaction will improve immensly.orders can be executed immediately and your sales cycle is shortened hus increasing your profit.  MCon keeps your field staff at your fingertips by monitoring their activities and movement minute by minute.



* Area visited , doctor visit and promotion done / sampling done activity details.
* Retail shop visited, POB order booking and value.
* Distributor / stockist place visit for order booking.
* Facility to know the outstanding of the distributor at his fingertips.
* Collection made if any, cash/cheque details can be entered.
* SMS can be sent to the customer.
* Order history and supply history also stored in database
* Repwise details
* we can view and monitor the performance of representative as per monthly / yearly wise
* The management can view all the above activity from their desktop instantly and can collect all the relevant reports immediately.

Key Features

           * Speed response from the supply chain
          * Access the time management of the field staff
          * Anywhere , anytime the representatives can carry their field work
          * Reduces paper work and postage charges
          * Monitoring product movement in the market
          * Instant SMS to the customer
          * Immediate corrective action by sending SMS to field staff
          * View reports